We are glad to offer Azure Agent Plan for Visual Studio Team Services (Previously Visual Studio Online) users to build cross-platform iOS Apps using our MacinCloud platform. This MacinCloud Build Agent Plan provides Mac build agents to users who seek Continuous Integration using Microsoft Azure.

Whom is this plan designed for?

This plan is designed for Microsoft Azure (VSTS) and Team Foundation Server (TFS) users for Continuous Integration. We offer “agents” which run computing jobs tasked by the User.  

If you are seeking remote build capabilities for Visual Studio 2015 and Xamarin, you should instead choose from our Managed Server Plans or Pay-As-You-Go Plans, with the "Enable Remote Build Port" add-on selected at the time of checkout.

How to Setup Your Azure Agent

Important Note: You are provided ONE complementary "private" agent slot in your Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) account. You may use this agent slot with our MacinCloud Azure Agent Plan. For acquiring more VSTS agent slots, please visit HERE.

  1. Confirm User has a Microsoft Azure account (url should look like dev.azure.com)

  2. Purchase Azure Agent Plan through MacinCloud

  3. Login to dev.azure.com to acquire the following information:

    1. In the top right corner, click the settings icon, and click on Personal Access Tokens

    2. Click on “+ New Token” button, give it a name, set the expiration date to at least a year, and make sure to enable Full Access under “Scopes”.

    3. Click Create, and MAKE SURE YOU SAVE YOUR TOKEN SOMEWHERE! Once the token is generated, you will NOT be able to access it again unless you have it saved locally.

  4. Login to MacinCloud Portal, and go to “Agents > VSTS”. Here you will see your agent. Click on “Actions > Edit”, and fill in the necessary fields.

    1. Pool Name: Confirm under your Project Settings > Agent Pools your available agent pools. Either create a new one, or use the “default” agent pool.

    2. Agent Name: Set this to whatever you’d like. 

    3. Agent Type: Select whichever type you are using.

    4. Server URLThis will be reflected in your dev.azure.com/[Server URL] page. 

    5. Microsoft Access Token: This is created in step 3c.

  1. Click “Update”, and allow up to 2 minutes for changes to take place. 

  2. To confirm that your agent has been set up properly and is active, go to “Project Settings > Agent Pool > [Your Pool Name] > Agents” and make sure your agent has a green light next to it. 

  3. You’re good to go! Now, when running any task, make sure to select your new Agent / Agent Pool.