For Managed or Pay-As-You-Go Plan Users

If your goal is to test your app on a local device but you currently have a Managed Plan, you can use the TestFlight application to beta test your application without needing a physical device connected to the server. Another alternative is to export the app using an ad hoc or development provisioning profile.

Note: The use of TestFlight requires macOS Monterey and later

If you absolutely need to connect a physical device to your server, you will need to use a third party application that supports remote device connection such as, which requires a MacinCloud Dedicated server plan. Additional details are outlined in the following section.

For Dedicated Plan Users

You will need to use a third party connection application that supports connecting a physical USB device remotely. We recommend using one of the following: 

If you experience any issues connecting your device through any of these services, we recommend contacting their respective support staff which can be reached below for your convenience: