RDP is an optional addon for Dedicated Server Plans. It provides improved remote desktop performance due to the more efficient RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). We highly recommend dedicated server users to select this option. Please contact us if you are interested in this addon.

Look below for your operating system/device for instructions on how to connect with this addon:

  • For Windows PC users - You do not need to install any additional software if you are accessing from a Windows PC computer. Simply search for "Remote Desktop Connection" in your search box on the task bar and select "Remote Desktop Connection." Simply enter the name and address of your server in the format "[Server Name].macincloud.com" (for example: DB123.macincloud.com) and connect.

  • For Mac users - Please first install Microsoft Remote Desktop App through the App Store by clicking HERE and then click the blue "View in Mac App Store" button. Once you see the App in the Mac App Store, click on the "Install" button to install the app. For Mac users who have earlier Mac OS (10.8 or earlier), you can download and install a legacy version of this app by clicking HERE. After installing the remote desktop app, simply connect using your server's name and address, and then login using the provided username and password.

  • For Linux users - Please install rdesktop for your Linux distribution and then follow the same steps for "For Windows PC Users."

  • For all desktop users - You also may simply use your browser to connect to your server. Please login to the User Portal with your account email and select the "Action" menu next to your managed server name to connect.

  • For mobile device users - You may access your server from your iPhone, iPad and other mobile phone or devices (feature limitations may apply). Please follow this guide or visit our Knowledge Base for further instructions.

If you experience any issues connecting to your server please reach out to our Support Staff.