Issue: How do I connect Visual Studio on my PC to Xamarin Studio or Visual Studio for Mac on my server? 

Cause: As you are connecting to a remote server you will need the remote login feature for your user to be active. 


1. Pre-Check

    Before attempting to make the connection, please ensure the following:

        i. Port 6000 is not blocked

        ii. Port 22 is not blocked

        iii. You are on a stable internet connection (Cable recommended) 

2. Enabling the remote login feature

    For Managed users

        i. Make sure you've purchased the Remote Build (SSH) Add-on. You can add it by following these instructions.

    For Dedicated users

        i. Log onto your Mac server

        ii. Open "System Preferences"

        iii. Open "Sharing"

        iv. Check the check-box for "Remote login" 

3. Making the connection

    i. Log onto your server

    ii. With your server connection open, open Visual Studio on your local machine

    iii. In Visual Studio on your local machine go to:

         Tools > Options

         Xamarin > iOS Settings

        click Find Xamarin Mac Agent

    iv. Enter your IP address and your server credentials