There are two connection methods for accessing your MacinCloud server from a web browser:

1. Connect to your server using a URL. Paste the following URL into your browser address bar, and replace [servername] with the server name you wish to connect to. Then, enter the username and password (provided in the email you received upon signup) to connect:[servername]

Ex. If you wish to connect to server LA999, then the correct connection URL will be:

2. Connect to your server by logging onto the Web Portal with your favorite browser and performing the following 3 steps:

1. Click your server type under the "My Servers" tab on your dashboard

2. Click "Actions" on the server you wish to connect then click "Connect Now"

3. Enter your username and password (provided in the email you received upon signup) to connect

If you experience any issues trying to connect to your server this way, don't hesitate to contact our support staff.