Xamarin Cycle 9 is now installed automatically on MacinCloud macOS Sierra and macOS El Capitan Dedicated Server under the Xcode/VSTS/Xamarin Build Server Flavor. Visit Dedicated Server Plan page and choose the "Xcode/VSTS/Xamarin Build Server"  under the "Server Flavor" option to obtain a preconfigured Xcode/VSTS/Xamarin build server.

Xamarin Studio is now updated to version Notice that Visual Studio 2017 for Mac Preview is also available together with this Xamarin Cycle 9 update. Previous there was a conflict between the two and Xamarin Cycle 9 resolved the Mono Framework version conflict and both Xamarin and Visual Studio 2017 Preview not work properly side-by-side.

Interested in a MacinCloud Dedicated Build Server?

Please click here for a Xcode/Xamarin/VSTS Build Server