If you wish to change to a different MacinCloud plan, such as changing from a weekly plan to a monthly plan, you may follow these steps:

If you paid using Credit Cards:

1. Login at the MacinCloud Portal and go to your account's Dash Board

2. Select "Upgrade," pick the new plan and check out.

If you paid by PayPal:

1. Login to your Paypal account which you used for the payment

2. Cancel the previous MacinCloud subscription.

3. Login to our website and signup for the proper plan you wish to change to.

If you wish to use your original account without switching to the newly assigned account, please submit a support ticket and provide us your preferences.

If you wish to use the new account which is assigned to you for the new purchase, simply use the Dropbox app to sync your files to your new account. Please also submit a support ticket let us know that which account you wish to use so we may close the other account.

Note: There may be additional credits left in your previous subscription as you sign up for the new one before the end of the previous billing cycle. Please let us know so that we may refund you the credits.