You pre-pay $30 for 30 hours of usage credit (Make sure you read and understand the billing rules). If you foresee that you will use more than 7 days in a month with an average of 3 hours of use per day, you will be much better off choosing from the Managed Server Plans instead. For Pay-As-You-Go plans, MacinCloud will charge or debit your payment according to the plan you have chosen. If your usage exceeds your prepaid amount, your account will be automatically recharged according to the plan you have chosen.

Pay-As-You-Go purchases cannot be canceled or refunded. Pay-As-You-Go accounts and credits will expire if you do not log in to your MacInCloud server account for sixty (60) consecutive days. All expired accounts are subject to permanent removal from the server and the user may loss all stored data. It is suggested that periodically make backups. See our Pay-As-You-Go Plan Plan details.