The latest Xamarin is now available on MacinCloud macOS Sierra servers. Visit Managed Server Plan page to obtain a managed server.

Xamarin Studio is now updated to version Notice that users having El Capitan (10.11) or earlier Mac servers should switch to a Sierra (10.12) server to use this version and beyond as Xamarin Studio 6.3.x requires Xcode 8.3.x, and Xcode 8.3.x is compatible only with macOS Sierra (10.12.x). Please contact us if you wish to switch server plans. You can also obtain a new server, backup and transfer your files, and request credit from your unused server plan to be applied to your new plan.

Visual Studio 2017 for Mac is also available together with this Xamarin Cycle 9 update. Previous there was a conflict between the two and Xamarin Cycle 9 resolved the Mono Framework version conflict and both Xamarin and Visual Studio 2017 Preview now work properly side-by-side.

Xamarin is a powerful tool that allows users to build, test, monitor, and accelerate apps using C# for iOS, Android, and Windows phones. You can build native Android, iOS, and Windows apps across multiple platforms using native user interfaces.

Xamarin 6.3.0.x comes with:

  • MonoFramework MDK

  • Xamarin.Android

  • Xamarin.iOS

  • Xamarin.Mac

  • Xamarin.Profiler

  • Xamarin.Interactive 1.2.2

In this version, many issues are fixed for iOS, Android, Insights, Version Control, and etc. Feel free to click here for more specific information.

Xamarin.iOS Remote Build with Microsoft Visual Studio 2017

Notice that Xamarin.iOS Build Host app is no longer required for remote build. If you wish to utilize Xamarin's Build Host feature, please select the "enable remote build port" add-on in our Managed Server Plans.

If you do not see the latest version of Xamarin Studio installed on your server, please contact our Support Help Desk to have it updated.


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