Problem: On Managed Servers, Appcelerator Studio may not have the latest Titanium SDK.

Solution: In Terminal (the Terminal app is located in Finder > Applications > Utilities folder), run the following command:


appc setup

 The server should prompt that the latest Appcelerator Studio has already been installed (if not, please contact our support):


Finding latest version ...5.1.0 ✓
Version 5.1.0 already installed.
? Do you plan on developing Titanium apps? (Y/n)

 Simply answer the question with "Y" and the server will install the latest Titanium SDK for you:


A new version of the Titanium SDK is available, will download it...
New version available! 5.1.2.GA

  100% [========================================] 0.0s   

Extracting SDK to /Users/user6595/Library/Application Support/Titanium
  100% [========================================] 

Setting Titanium SDK 5.1.2.GA as the default.

Titanium SDK 5.1.2.GA successfully installed!

Congrats! No issues detected for developing cross-platform mobile apps!

appc setup complete!