Problem: When using MacinCloud, the Ctrl+Drag operation does not work properly.

Cause: This is a common issue associated with controlling the Mac through a remote client software such as Remote Desktop Connection. Please see the solution for the current workaround.


1. Move a Controller in Interface Builder

  • Double-clicking the object in the side bar
  • Move it using the arrow keys

2. Use Interface Builder to connect a view element to file owner 

  • Right-clicking the element
  • The popup appears, drag the circle on the right hand side of the property to what you want to link to

3. Connect two controls in Main Space or Document Outlines (left pane)

  • Point to the Target Control
  • RightClick to open context menu with available Connection points
  • Select a Connection circle at the left side of menu, circle becames a "+"
  • Click the "+" sign and drag it to the Source Control
  • Release mouse to create new connection

4. Create and connect new outlet (Assistant Editor mode)

  • Create a New Outlet manually in the Assistant Editor pane
  • Point to the New Outlet in Connection Inspector (right pane)
  • Select the New Outlet circle at the left side of Connection Inspector, circle becames a "+"
  • Click the "+" sign and drag it to the Source Control in the IB