Problem: When connecting using the default connection profile file, the performance is poor.


  1. Your actual Internet speed between your computer and our server is low.
  2. The network latency between your computer and our server is high.
  3. You are not using a high compression protocol.
  4. You did not select the correct server location when you purchased your subscription.


Regardless of how fast your Internet Service Provider claims, the effective speed of your Internet for MacinCloud service purpose is the speed between your computer and our server.

  1. Test Your Connection Speed with MacinCloud Servers
  2. For Managed Server or Pay-As-You-Go plans, you can use the "Low Bandwidth" or "Very Low Bandwidth" connection files in the "Advanced Users" folder.
  3. For Dedicated Servers try using a high compression protocol like Teamviewer or NoMachine. To use, simply download install onto your server and local machine.
  4. You may have purchased a server in the wrong region (IE, you are in Europe but selected "North America" as your location during the checkout)
    1. Please contact our Support Help Desk to receive a new server in the region closest to your location.
  5. You may also try the following method to improve your network speed:
    1. Make sure there are no other computers in your network that are downloading large files, streaming video/music when you are using MacinCloud
    2. Scan your computer for viruses if you purchased fast Internet service but the speed test shows abnormal low connection speed